For over 30 years, Keppler Asset Management stood for value-based equity portfolio strategies driven by in-depth fundamental research

Until its conversion to a family office at the beginning of 2024, Keppler Asset Management was a boutique investment advisory firm based in New York specializing in translating classic value concepts into global equity strategies with a focus on conservative, long-term growth across a range of investment universes, including sector- and region-specific equities.

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Our Approach

The active equity strategies we offered until the end of 2023 aimed to deliver superior long-term performance and control the risk of loss through a strong commitment to value. To do so, we employed extensive quantitative-fundamental research and our own innovative multi-factor models.


Prudence – Discipline – Patience

Investing for the long term
to take full advantage of
the power of compounding


• Active market selection
• Active stock selection
• Based on objective criteria

Risk Management

• Margin of safety
• Long-term approach
• Cost control / low turnover
• Risk measured using the Keppler Ratio

Latest Press

Keppler Asset Management was frequently mentioned as a well-respected value investment manager. This is a selection of articles and interviews with Michael Keppler featuring the firm and its activities.

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Interview: "Say hello to the emperor's new clothes!”
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Fonds Professionell Online | December 2020

Fund manager cross-examined: "The technology sector is extremely overvalued"
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Focus-Money | December 2020

Interview: "German stocks are cheap"
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by Heike Bangert


… dedicated to delivering superior performance
through focused value investing,

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