Actively Managed Equity Strategies Driven by In-Depth Fundamental Research

Keppler Asset Management is a boutique investment advisory firm specializing in translating classic value concepts into global equity strategies. We focus on conservative, long-term growth across a range of investment universes, including sector- and region-specific equities.

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Our Approach

At Keppler Asset Management, our active equity strategies aim to deliver superior long-term performance and control the risk of loss through a strong commitment to value. To do so, we employ extensive quantitative-fundamental research and our own innovative multi-factor models.


We believe the irrational behavior of investors can render the market inefficient, providing opportunities to buy mispriced securities at a discount from their economic value. We seek to capitalize on these opportunities.


We specialize in developing and managing value-based equity strategies for global, regional and sector funds. Our approach is driven by quantitative market and stock selection techniques that are customized based on each fund’s investment focus.

Risk Management

Controlling risk is a main focus of our investment strategies and an important driver of our success.

Latest Press

Keppler Asset Management is frequently mentioned as a well-respected value investment manager. These are some recent press publications featuring our firm, our professionals and the funds we advise.

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Interview: "Say hello to the emperor's new clothes!”
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by Ralf Flierl

Fonds Professionell Online | December 2020

Fund manager cross-examined: "The technology sector is extremely overvalued"
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by Hans Heuser

Focus-Money | December 2020

Interview: "German stocks are cheap"
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by Heike Bangert


Our experienced professionals are dedicated to delivering superior
performance through focused value investing.

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